Egyptian authorities have added one of Egypt's most legendary football players Mohamed Aboutrika to the country's official "terror list," after accusations of his funding of the Muslim Brotherhood surfaced. 

The 38-year-old, a retired football player, has denied that he supported the Brotherhood financially. 

Aboutrika was not formally notified of the charges against him, according to his lawyer, Mohamed Osman. 

"We will appeal this decision," Osman said.

The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Egypt and a police crackdown against the Brotherhood has left "hundreds dead and tens of thousands jailed."

Following the removal of President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, the organization has been labeled a "terrorist" one. 

In 2015, an anti-terrorism law was passed that subjects a person linked to the group to a travel ban as well as freezing of assets for three years. 

Aboutrika's assets were frozen that same year. His lawyer said that the asset freeze is still in place despite the lift following a court ruling in 2016. 

Egypt's "terrorism list" consists of more than 1,500 names, according to Al Jazeera

Many took to social to pledge their support

"Never walk alone"

"If you are a terrorist I hope I will be like you"

Aboutrika isn't a terrorist

"One of the most loved Egyptians on the terrorist list"

"If this is the definition of terrorism, we are all terrorists"