A 21-year-old Moroccan-American girl decided to prank her mother with a series of texts, and what better way to do that than by telling her she got a tattoo while drunk? 

A devout Muslim, her mother does not respond well, and to show us just how much she freaked out, twitter user Neyda documents her mother's reaction on the social media platform. 

The tweet ultimately goes viral, garnering over 9,000 retweets. 

Here's how it all started:  

"Mama, I got a tattoo yesterday ... I don't even remember it because I got drunk too. I'll remove it with laser or whatever. Please don't tell baba or my brothers," she writes. 

Her mother obviously hates it. "What will society think of us? This is not my daughter," her mother writes. 

The conversation escalates pretty quickly, and that's when her mother tells her that she'll be sending her back to Morocco. 

It's not clear whether Neyda had already had a flight booked to Rabat prior to the prank or whether the sequence of events happened exactly the way she describes.  

Regardless, Neyda keeps the prank going. Her mother guilt-trips her back -as all Arab mothers do. 

"I sacrificed my life to bring you guys to America ... and this is how you treat me," she writes. 

She even threatens to tell everyone in the family, Neyda's brothers, aunts and grandmother included. 

That's when Neyda decides to take her prank to another level, mocking the fact that her aunts and grandmother don't own cellphones. 

"And now you're disrespecting my sisters. Haram wallah haram," she says.

She then tells her mother that its all a joke. But, her mother refuses to believe it. 

So, a "shahata" and "ya bint el haram" were in check

And a one way ticket to Morroco

Neyda documents the whole thing

And even her arrival to Morocco

Best part of it all: She got a marriage proposal after her tweet went viral