Faiza Rammuny is back again with yet another viral video. 

The Chicago-based writer and comic, who's amassed a large following on both Facebook and Instagram with her relatable videos, is seriously taking the world by storm. 

Rammuny is the creative head behind 'different types of dancers at an Arab wedding,' which has garnered some 4 million views so far.

In a recent upload, she is acting out a list of forbidden questions Arab girls mistakenly ask their mothers. The answer to them most of the time is an obvious 'No!'. 

The hilarious video, in which Rammuny plays the role of both Arab daughter and mother, has gone viral, garnering over 380,000 views at the time of writing.

We are sure Arab girls will relate to it.

Remember mom's answer every time you ask her to let you travel?

Sleepover at your friend's house is just a no no

Asking her to let you go out on a date can be risky

Careful with the money, girl

Simple questions can get your mother to be suspicious sometimes

Whatever happens, don't talk back

Watch the full video below