Remember Mona Haydar, the poet and activist who took the world by storm with her viral rap music video, Hijabi (Wrap my Hijab)?

Well, she's back with a new music video, and it's nothing short of epic.

Her new song, titled Dog, echoes the concerns of women around the world, especially Muslims, who are tired of men interfering in their personal lives and criticizing their choices.

To do this, she teamed up with Jackie Cruz, the Dominican–American actress, musician, and former model who plays Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. Cruz is featured in Haydar's song and music video.

In her song, Haydar addresses hypocrite Muslim men who are "obsessed with my (women's) anatomy", acting as saviors and preaching on how women should live their lives, all the while sinning themselves. 

"Sheikhs in my DM begging me to shake it on my cam in the PM"

The song perfectly illustrates the double standards of the self-proclaimed halal-police who act as "sheikhs" and police women's every move, all the while maintaining a less than stellar haram tally. 

"Kufis, turbans, and the prayer beads they rockin' too. Twitter, Insta, we can hear those howls - when sun sets tryna hunt me down," raps Haydar. "Say you can save my spirit, but you’re a dog at night."

"Emotional terrorist, thinking that you’re errorless, but you need a therapist"

"Say my voice is haram cause you getting turned on ... Boy you might need Qur'an"

Haydar gives men who criticize the way women dress and act some crucial advice, saying, "Min fadlak ghudd basarak. Min fadlak ikhsha rabbak," which is Arabic for: "Please lower your gaze. Please fear your God."

She ends the song with, "Oh my God, you need God."

You can find Dog's full lyrics here

Tip: The next time some guy comes up to you and criticizes your choices under the pretext that he is a fellow Muslim brother, just send him a link to Haydar's song.

Dog comes as the perfect response to the people who chastised Haydar for her first music video, Hijabi , shaming her and the other hijabis in the video for celebrating themselves, as they sing and dance away. 

Apart from producing stereotype-smashing music videos, Haydar has been changing the conversation alongside her husband Sebastian Robins, who converted to Islam in 2012 after meeting her.

The power couple has been trying to "conquer fear through conversation". 

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, the couple started the #AskAMuslim initiative, where they set up booths around Cambridge, Massachusetts to talk to people who have questions on Islam.