How many times have you been asked where you're from, only to hear the phrase "but you don't look Arab..."?

It's something you're bound to hear if you hail from an Arab country, due to years of false portrayal of Arabs in pop culture and media. 

Arabs must be dark-skinned, must have dark-colored hair, and shouldn't know how to speak any other language fluently. Over decades, the world has viewed Arabs as a homogeneous group, disregarding the fact that each Arab country comes with its own culture and set of traditions

So, Twitter user @LilMarak decided to share a simple tweet in an attempt to shatter this false perception ... and went viral for it.

"What am I supposed to look like? Shawarma?"

The Twitter user's savage tweet has been shared nearly 3,000 times.

People couldn't keep their composure

"I'm crying real tears"

Some are getting ideas on how to respond to the phrase the next time they hear it

Others aspire to look like shawarma

Some think they already do...

Because the phrase "you are what you eat" is legit

Some came up with their own versions...

Others began depicting conversations they've encountered with regards to their place of origin

Blondies ... how many times have you heard this?

GOALS: "Get you someone who looks like shawarma"