Millions of Muslims are currently in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, the annual pilgrimage and fifth pillar of Islam. 

It's considered a once in a lifetime experience, for which millions of Muslims are ready to make difficult journeys from across the world just to attend.

In light of this, the Saudi Center for International Communication (CIC) - which describes itself as a "central source of information on the changing face of #SaudiArabia" - released an epic photo series on Twitter to highlight journeys of Muslims from around the world. 

The photos have been shared under several hashtags and statements including people of Hajj and Humans of Hajj - in reference to the massively popular Facebook page "Humans of New York."

The photo series is heartwarming, to say the least.

"People of Hajj 2018"

Three generations of an Egyptian family ... in one epic photo

A closer look at pilgrims' faces

"It's his first Hajj"

Hands up high for du'aa ...

"A married couple from Egypt make their way away from the Grand Mosque after spending the evening there"

"One People"

Peaceful faces, peaceful signs

Pilgrims captured as they give prayers

Side by side

Pilgrims in wheelchairs captured in photos

Not to forget the #ChildrenOfHajj

Helping hands in full force