Millions of pictures and videos captured during this year's Hajj season have been circulating online. 

The latest one to go viral is winning people's hearts on Saudi Twitter. In it, a Saudi security man can be seen carrying an elderly pilgrim through the crowds in Mecca's holy site. 

The pilgrim is heard telling the officer he's sorry to burden him, while the latter responds saying: "There's no bother at all." 

The short clip started making the rounds online earlier this week and has since gone completely viral. 

The heartwarming moment broke Saudi internet

People absolutely loved it

"Good on him"

"This man is beautiful"

"These are the sons of my dear country"

The video got people emotional

"This video made me cry, it's amazing." 

Many hailed the policeman as a hero

"I swear he's a hero." 

"Something to be proud of"