We all know just how essential dabke skills are if you're Arab. Lacking such talent will automatically land you a place on the 'you can't sit with us' list. 

Sometimes dabke dancers are so EXTRA, they can't even handle their own moves.  

A video shared by Twitter user @YousifVSWorld on Monday proves this very fact. 

In the video, the dabke begins to heat up, but the lead dancer doesn't let it go that far. Instead, he jumps into a nearby pool to cool off. 

Unexpectedly, the other dancers follow his lead and dive right in after him. 

It's seriously the best thing on the internet right now.

It's funny ... and we don't even know why

Surprise Level: Arabs

Why are we like this? Really, why?

Not the first video of its kind. In this one, the drummer completely abandons his instrument to join the dabke dancers.

Simply put: