A few weeks ago, Syrian singer Saria Al Sawas posted a photo of herself sitting at the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California, next to a star that showed her name.

Minutes after her post, the public started to wonder whether the photo was real or photoshopped.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is known for showcasing names of celebrities that are considered to have made great achievements in the field of entertainment.

However, Al Sawas is mostly known for performing at Arab nightclubs rather than the big stages...

A few days later, Al Sawas responded on Instagram saying:

"Many Arab channels and websites are saying that I lied to my audience about having a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, yet I never mentioned this or celebrated it! It's a temporary souvenir that anyone can get while being there, even if you are not famous."

Here is how social media reacted:

Some people resorted to sarcasm...

"If you are wondering where did Saria's nails disappear, she's probably lost them while scratching down her star on Hollywood's marble."

Whilst others wondered how she got on the famous walk...

"Saria Al Sawas got a star in Hollywood ... what did she offer to art and to the world to deserve a star??"