Considering the beauty and infinite malleability of the Arabic script, it's no surprise that Arabic tattoos are all the rage. 

Are you thinking of getting an Arabic tattoo? Here are 10 pretty tats you will want to get inked:

1. Go classic with a permanent motivational reminder

Tattoo reads: إرادة (Willpower)   

2. Your mom can't say no to this tat

Tattoo reads: أمي (My mother)  

3. No, these are not just birds

Tattoo reads: محبة إيمان (Love and Faith)

4. You can never go wrong with Arabic words of wisdom


Tattoo reads: وتزعم أنك جرم صغير وفيك إنطوى العالم الأكبر (You think of yourself as a small planet although the entire universe dwells within you)

5. Satisfy the feminist in you

Source: Facebook

Tattoo reads: ثوري (Revolt)   

6. Pay tribute to the ones you have lost

Source: imgrum

Tattoo reads: أتنسى الحياة (Would you forget life?)  

7. Some Mahmoud Darwich inspiration

Tattoo reads: على هذه الأرض ما يستحق الحياة  (We have on this earth what makes life worth living)

8. This one's for all the fearless lovers out there

Tattoo reads: الحب للشجعان (Love is for the brave) 

9. Remind yourself to be patient ...

Tattoo reads: صبر (Patience) 

10. And absolutely liberated

Tattoo reads: الحرية (Freedom)