Millions of Palestinians around the world annually mark Yawm an-Nakba or "Day of the Catastrophe," on May 15.  

The date reminds the world of the displacement of millions of Palestinians and the destruction of their homes and villages, but it also highlights their right of return - a right that descendants of an estimated 700,000 Palestinians expelled out of their country during the 1948 Palestine War, continue to fight for, treasuring keys to their long lost homes. 

Today, as their cause enters its 69th year, thousands of Palestinians across the globe are taking to social media to commemorate Al Nakba and to remind the world of their most fundamental right, via the hashtag: #راجعين (We will return).  

Entire villages wiped out

"To resist and fight the occupation by all means is your only way to liberate Palestine."

"We will return"

"To those who pass by our dreams, this is our Palestine."

"In memory of those who have lost their lives ... their homes ... and their land ... we will return!"

"No matter how much time passes, we'll keep the keys to our homes, because we will return."

"Our return is a matter of time."

Al Nakba in numbers