Passengers and cabin crew on an Emirates flight had quite a surprise on board over the weekend, after a woman gave birth to a baby boy mid-flight.

"Emirates can confirm that a passenger travelling on-board Emirates flight EK075, gave birth en route from Dubai to Paris on May 12,” an airline spokesperson told Arabian Business.

Emirates flight EK075 was forced to make an emergency landing at Larnaka airport in Cyprus on Friday after the baby was delivered on flight. 

"We have supported the passenger during this period and her health and safety has of course been paramount," the spokesperson added.

Cyprus Airports was beyond delighted in welcoming the woman and her baby boy. 

"They say great things come in small sizes. Well, we received a sweet surprise today at Larnaka Airport. A baby delivered with an A380!" Cyprus Airports tweeted.

The flight's time of arrival to Paris was delayed by approximately five hours, after being refueled. 

It is unclear how many weeks pregnant the woman was. 

However, according to Emirates' policy, expectant mothers who plan to travel after entering the 29th week of pregnancy require a medical certificate before boarding the flight. 

Traveling after the 32nd week of pregnancy is not permitted for multiple pregnancies. For single pregnancies, travel after the 36th week of gestation is not permitted. 

Not a first this year. In April, the cabin crew of Turkish Airlines help deliver a baby too!

In April, the cabin crew of Turkish Airlines assisted passenger Nafi Diaby and helped deliver a healthy baby girl - Kadiju -12,800 meters up in the air. 

It was not clear whether a doctor was present on board to assist with the delivery or whether the cabin crew is trained to deal with such unexpected events.

The delivery happened halfway into the flight from Guinea to neighboring Burkina Faso, and both the mother and the baby were taken to a hospital as soon as the plane landed. 

Both were said to be in good health, according to NBC News.