Photographer Fares Al Torqi Source: Sabq

On Sunday, two Saudi photographers who worked for late Prince Mansour bin Muqrin miraculously escaped death after they missed the helicopter crash which claimed the lives of the prince and seven other officials, as reported by Al Arabiya.

Both photographers, who couldn't find seats on the doomed flight, had closely worked with bin Muqrin, who served as the Deputy Governor of Asir. 

Speaking to Sabq, Saudi state TV cameraman and photographer Saeed Badawisaid:

"I was on the helicopter early that morning heading from Abha to Al Barak governorate. Before we boarded the flight back, the late prince asked if I could give up my seat to Muhayel Assir's governor as there weren't enough free seats left."

"I did as he asked and headed back to Abha by car. The moment we arrived back, we heard the devastating news."

Even though Badawi is relieved to have escaped an imminent death, he's also traumatized by the loss of bin Muqrin. 

"We lost an incredible prince who was kind to everyone. He always had a smile on his face."

Not the only one to escape death on Sunday

Fares Al Torqi, the official photographer at bin Muqrin's office, also miraculously escaped death after he couldn't find a free seat on the doomed flight. 

"Before the flight headed back to Abha, I asked a security officer if I could board, because I wanted to take a few aerial shots. He explained there were no empty seats left. I was very close to the helicopter and could see that all the plane's seven seats had been filled and so headed back to the airport. A while later, we received the devastating news," he said.

The news went viral on social media

As soon as the photographers' stories started to make the rounds online, people shared heartfelt reactions. 

Many were relieved at the news

"Thank God they're safe." 

"Subhan Allah"

"Badawi couldn't have imagined that the prince had just saved his life"

"Another chance at life was written for him"