On the front-page of their Monday issue, Saudi newspaper Okaz made an unfortunate error by misspelling a headline that has now gone viral on social media. 

In the past few days, major shake-ups took place in Saudi Arabia, including the arrests of several of the country's high-profile figures on corruption charges. 

Okaz covered this specific news item on their front-page by referring to a phrase from the British Guy Fawkes Night Poem - a verse often recited annually, on November 5th, to commemorate the foiling of a plot to assassinate King James I in 1605.

The rhyme gained international fame after it was featured in a scene of the 2005 film V for Vendetta.

Printed in English on the Okaz front-page, the headline, which is a pun on the original, referred to the November 4 arrests in the kingdom. 

It read: "Remeber Remeber the 4th of November."

Even though the error was corrected in the online version of the issue, tweeps quickly spotted it in the hard copy and naturally had a lot to say...

It all started when journalist and tweep Ahmad Omran shared this...

People completely lost it

Some were left speechless

Others just couldn't believe it

"I saw the online version and thought this must have been photoshopped."


"They shouldn't have used it"

Everyone asked the same question

A few turned to sarcasm

The error was corrected in the online version

Still needs a comma though...

The paper issue lives on