Karim Benzema hajj
Source: Facebook

French footballer of Algerian descent, Karim Benzema, headed to the holy city of Mecca for the annual Islamic pilgrimage, according to local media.

While social media users doubt the accuracy of the news, claiming that the photos of the Real Madrid F.C. player that have been circulating online were taken last year, it's not the act of worship that stole the spotlight.

Instead, Real Madrid fans took the opportunity to express their disappointment in Benzema after his recent performance versus Valencia CF, in which he cost his team the match after missing a golden opportunity to score a winner shot.

Fans have been mocking him for his missed shot and cracking jokes about his possible presence in Mecca ... and they did not cut him any slack:

Hell hath no fury like a disappointed fan

Karim Benzema hajj meme
"If a Real Madrir fan saw Benzema in Hajj"

"He went to repent for the shots he missed"

Will he miss while stoning the devil, too?

"He won't manage to toss the stones properly. He will miss the target, be careful!"

"He will throw the pebbles at the pilgrims." 

The grudge is real

"I swear, no one will forgive him for what he is doing to us, even if he performed Hajj 1000000 times."

The devil, however, is delighted by Benzema's missed shot

"The devil wishes all pilgrims were like Karim Benzema so that no one hits him."

Fans don't want him back with the team

"Hold him captive in Saudi Arabia. Please, fellow Real Madrid fans, imprison Karim Benzema and don't allow him to return to Madrid."

"I hope he gets lost and doesn't find his way back to Madrid." 

Many international footballers headed to the kingdom for Hajj

Whether Benzema is actually performing Hajj remains to be confirmed, but several other international players are currently in Mecca for the annual pilgrimage.

They include French players Vassiriki Abou Diaby, the former Arsenal player, and Demba Ba, the former Chelsea player, along with Senegalese Jacques Fatyand, who has previously played for Olympique de Marseille.