As millions of Muslims perform the annual Islamic pilgrimage (Hajj), Saudi Arabia has set up emergency call centers for unpleasant surprises - and women are finally playing a role in it. 

For the first time, a group of 7 women will take part in the process of receiving distress calls from across Mecca. 

"Saudi women are present in multiple fields, so they can also be present in the security sector," Baara al-Shuwaibi, a 31-year-old English major graduate, told Reuters

These women - who all speak English and underwent training prior to starting the job - are now the females in the kingdom's call center.

Dozens of men encompass the same role. However, they do their work from a completely separate room. 

What is their role exactly?

The women will first verify a caller's location and request. The call may be related to fire, crime, illness or a traffic accident. Once the request has been communicated clearly, the receiver will pass the information along to first responders, according to Reuters

"I receive a call, check the location and send the request to the proper authority as fast as possible, especially if it’s an emergency like fire or ambulance," Shuwaibi explained.

Aside from receiving distress calls, a number of women - more than 2,000 - have volunteered to help out with Hajj this year, according to Arab News.

This all comes in line with the kingdom's efforts to boost the participation of women in the workforce.

Women in the kingdom are discriminated against in nearly all aspects of public life due to a fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia Law, which subjects women to a male guardian, a dress code and the inability to drive.

However, the kingdom has been taking a number of steps to change that. 

In 2015, Saudi women made history after winning seats on municipal councils across the country. 

This came after the kingdom opened up municipal elections to female candidates - for both running candidates and voting citizens. 

The kingdom has since launched a number of programs to encourage women to take part in the workforce as well as pursue an education. 

In a study released earlier this year, it was revealed that Saudi women currently represent 30 percent of the private sector. In February alone, Saudi women took over 3 top financial posts in the kingdom.