Tunisia, affectionately known as تونس الخضراء, or 'Green Tunisia', is a small green wedge in the vast North African desert.  

Despite its relatively smaller size, Tunisia carries a rich history and enchanting natural beauty that leaves its visitors mesmerized.

The mere mention of the word Tunisia will immediately summon its nickname in any Arab person's mind, Al Khadra', and conjure up scenes of greenery, of marvelous views of the Mediterranean, and of a jasmine scented breeze.

Now that we've whet your appetite, here are some photos from Tunisia to make your day.

Green paintings by mother nature

Glimpses of medieval Tunisia

Endless shades of green

Yet another reason why it's called 'Green Tunisia'

Those azure windows and doors are just enchanting

Not to mention the old narrow alleys

The Romans were here

A glimpse of Granada

Effortless beauty at its finest!

Let's not forget the Mediterranean

And a vast sea of pink sand

You better start saving to visit Tunisia soon!