The surge in online communication, particularly chatting apps, has mainstreamed a number of acronyms that speed up the process by shortening common expressions.

And since us Arabs have perfected transliterated texting, isn't it time we had our own versions of popular acronyms? 

These 8 would definitely come in handy. 

1. A halal WTF to describe a humorous situation

2. Or maybe a WTF for when you're hangry

3. When something is so good it makes you cuss

4. When you laugh so hard your head bobbles and your hijab falls off

5. Halal flirting taken to a whole new level

6. Shaking your head = Shaking your hijab

7. BTW (By the way) | BTW (broke the Wuduh)

8. And of course, no list would be complete without an Arab mom reference