It's been over a month since the protests began in Lebanon on Oct. 17. Time really does fly by when you're busy revolting against corruption. 

It's been a bumpy rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs; the resignation of the country's prime minister, the horrific death of a demonstrator, the president's failed approach to address the problem, and the massive Lebanese parties and weddings in the midst of it all are just some of the things the country has witnessed during this period. 

But leave it to the Lebanese population to unwrap their humor during the good, bad, and ugly. Here is a summary of Lebanon's revolution in 10 accurate memes: 

1. It's all a "simple" game of chess

2. More than just slavery

3. Rights who??

4. Run along, nothing to see here!

5. Brain ... does not ... compute ...

6. When in doubt, just add gasoline

7. The revolution has RE-begun

8. Because ... the entire Earth is void of humans?

9. Sanioura ooh na-na

10. Lofts on Airbnb got nothing on this place

Honorable Mentions:

Game of Thrones: Lebanon Edition

Michel Aountoinette