Six days. That's how long Lebanese protesters have been on the streets, demanding the resignation of the country's ruling class. Instead, Prime Minister Saad Hariri came up with an "economic reform" plan in 72 hours, promising things Lebanese individuals know will never materialize. 

Soon after his address on Monday, protesters rejected his words. They maintained their stance and expressed their sentiments during ongoing demonstrations held that day. "Each politician needs to leave," a group of protesters said following Hariri's announcement.

Many faculty members at the American University of Beirut have also stood in solidarity with protesters, refusing to resume classes, despite the fact that the university sent an email saying things will go back to normal on Wednesday. Some faculty members won't operate "business as usual" until the "political demands of the people are met." 

Six days. Over the course of this time span, and probably more to come,  we've seen Lebanese individuals unite, fight, chant at the top of their lungs, and put their creativity to use. 

From songs (hela hela ho, anyone?) and websites (72-hour countdown) to parties and poster signs, the force is strong among Lebanese nationals. In honor of the incredible efforts individuals have put over the past few days, here are some of the best protest signs that appeared during the ongoing demonstrations (locally and abroad). They should be printed, laminated, and placed all over the country in celebration of the country's biggest protest yet. 

1. Creativity all the way from London

2. A dash of (thyme-ly) humor from Paris

3. Going back to those "exiled" days

4. Concerns in Canada are quite different, but we'll take it

5. Signs across Lebanon were nothing short of epic

6. A "Rise & Shine" reference

Source: Instagram

7. More than one actually

8. GoT fans made an appearance

9. Lebanese Government = Lannisters?

10. Cabinet, Cabinet, Go Away

11. Come again on "never-day"

12. One Word: SAVAGE

13. There's no place for dictators here

14. And no time for electile dysfunction

15. Did you say time?

16. Did you say electile dysfunction?

17. Some were at a loss for words

18. Toum > Tax all day, everyday