If you grew up in Lebanon, you probably remember those long mornings at school when you were forced to recite Lebanon's national anthem. 

But, it looks like that obligatory activity did not live long in the minds of Lebanese students.

Citizenship Club, a student organization at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, went around campus asking a number of university students to sing the national anthem. 

And ... it was a complete flop as students struggled to remember the words. One thing they all did remember was the rhythm to the anthem ... something none of us will ever forget! 

Getting through the first verse is easy ... but not knowing a second verse even exists? C'mon!

This guy needed help with the "first word" to get going

"Khalas" after the first verse ... cuz bezyede?

A lot of people were just pissed that the video "falsely portrayed" Lebanese youth

Others were genuinely disappointed to see such a video

Most were just cracking jokes

Do you know the national anthem by heart?