Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets on Sunday to protest the government's proposed tax hike.

Its supposed aim? 

To fund a salary hike that offers public sector workers, including teachers, greater salary packages.

People reacted with outrage to the decision that came after months of built up frustration over deep seated corruption in government, with some questioning why other solutions to fund the salary hike were neglected.

Many took to the streets last week and even more joined in on Sunday.

People's anger was evident at all protests, but their humor also took a front seat through placards that many held up in protest.

Here are a few of Sunday's funniest ones:

Some were serious but tinged with sarcastic humor

"Oh, great population of Facebook, where are you?"

Others were just...

Some took it to the next level

While others relied on chef Antoine to get the message through

Some were there to defeat the dark side

Others were humorously on point

"Behind every corrupt government there is a sleeping populace"

Some were tired of holding up signs

"More humor at the demonstrations in Beirut, Lebanon."


"Not a single party flag, all Lebanese and the usual messiah debating social topics in Beirut, Lebanon."

During Sunday's protest, Prime Minister Saad El Harriri spoke directly to protesters in Riad El Solh Square in a bid to appease them. He vowed to fight "corruption," but his appearance only caused more outrage with many chanting slogans against him and others throwing plastic water bottles.

Lebanon's parliament has extended its own term twice since 2013 and with no agreement yet on a new law set to govern the upcoming elections, there seems to be a looming third one.  

Amidst the current situation and unless drastic measures are taken on the part of the parliament, protesters show no sign of retreating.