A couple of weeks ago, a BBC interview went viral after two kids walked in on their dad, Dr. Robert E. Kelly, as he was being interviewed by the global media giant. 

Hundreds of memes, GIFs and stories followed as the video made international headlines. 

Dubai-based comedy group Dubomedy (Dubai Comedy) had to get in on all the fun in a one-minute skit released Sunday - showing just how differently the BBC interview would have gone ... had it been done with an Arab dad.  

The video features the founders of Dubomedy, Dubai-based comedian and producer Ali El Sayed, aka King of Laughter, and American arts educator and entertainer Mina Liccione

It's hilarious. 

It all starts when the first child walks in ...

Then ... another child comes creeping up from under the table

Plot Twist: There's a third child!

Of course ... it's not a party without TEA

And DERBAKE! Just look at the dad's face ...

But, before you know it ... the shock is celebrated!

Well played Dubomedy, well played.