No one compares to Khaleeji moms. 

They express themselves without saying a single word, they see things that no one else can see and no matter where you are, they lovingly watch over you 24/7.

It's the stuff only superheroes can do, and that's why we think they have superpowers.  

Here's proof:

1. She finds you no matter where you try to hide

2. She explains exactly what she means without saying a single word

Also known as the mime phenomenon.    

3. A single glance is all she needs to figure out exactly what you're up to

If you think she yells for no reason, you're wrong.  

She yells because she knows what you're up to.  

4. She watches over you no matter where you are

Whether it's through a friend or the use of unique surveillance techniques, a Khaleeji mum will always make sure you're not doing anything wrong behind her back.  

5. She gets through to you using super communication skills

6. She juggles a million things and is somehow never ever late

A super multitasking queen.  

7. She always manages to bring everyone together for zowaret el khamees

If getting the whole extended family together every single Thursday isn't considered a superpower, life would make no sense.