Just when we think we've seen it all when it comes to Arabic translation fails, random signs, store banners, and print-ons prove us wrong. 

Because turns out, you really haven't seen it all unless you've walked the streets of kindness while carrying a pregnant bag. 

Wait, what? 

Allow us to walk you through this. 

1. Ever been to the street of kindness?

2. Or walked down the stairs to peace?

3. We bet you've never come across "Replace Abdullah"

4. Or experienced carrying a pregnant bag...

5. Ever done your shopping here?

6. We're guessing it's the first time you come across a "pharmacy situation"

7. Eiffel or Evil?

8. Parked here before?

9. Sales or downloads?

10. What choice? It's cucumber now...

11. A bonus that's completely lost in translation...

Because why even try?