Arabs in general and our families in specific can be overwhelming. They ask questions -too many questions- sending us to overdrive in a matter of seconds!

But we love 'em, and God knows we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Here are just a few of the questions that we bet everyone can relate to! 

1. On the bus: Enta nazel? (Going down?)

No, I'm telling the driver to pull over just for fun! 

2. Before taking the elevator: Enta tale3? (Going up?)

We are on the ground floor, in a 10 story building with no underground parking lots, waiting for the elevator to go, well, up of course! 

We can't possibly go down? Wala eh

3. Baba: Enta Nayem? (Are you asleep?)

That moment when your father walks in your room as you're sleeping and asks whether or not you're actually asleep...

Seriously when has anyone ever answered that question with a 'yes'???

4. Asking a medical student what their specialty is

A question they will be able to answer only 8 years later!!! 

5. Auntie mesh hanefra7 beek ba2a? (Aren't you planning on getting married?)

That moment when your aunt keeps nagging you to tie the knot. It doesn't matter to whom, so long as there's a promise of some sort. The question usually goes: "Aren't you going to make us happy and get engaged soon?" 

You can be happy ya tante, no one is stopping you :P

6. When are you getting married, part II, aka 'you've been engaged for far too long!'

Even after "making her happy" she has more questions!!! 

Perhaps a one way ticket to Mars will do the trick ;) 

7. That mean old lady at the back of every freaking reception hall: What did he marry her for?

Some people just don't know their limits. Seriously! 

8. The same aunt: Gebt el-wa7asha de meneen?! (Why you so ugly?)

It's never okay to call a kid ugly ya madam!!!

No, not even if you're just joking. 

This is just the poorest sense of humor, ever! 

9. Your son is 2 years old now ... planning on another one?

There is no limit to this question!