Earlier this week, widely popular Saudi chain restaurant Al Baik, announced it's finally opening in Riyadh. 

The announcement was made in a tweet that's now breaking the local internet scene and comes a few weeks after the restaurant opened a branch located 20 kilometers away from the kingdom's capital. 

Now, given that the restaurant's broasted chicken meals are sort of an obsession in the country, it was only natural that people in Riyadh were still hoping a branch would open right in their city. 

And their wish has now been granted.  

It all started with this Al Baik announcement...

"We have chosen a location in Al Laban street, Riyadh and will hopefully be serving our loyal customers there very soon."  

Like everything Al Baik related... the news broke Saudi Twitter

The chain's Riyadh fans are pretty excited

Excited is truly an understatement here


"We've waited so long"

Some imagined the opening day

Others welcomed Riyadh into "food heaven"

"We're going to gain so much weight"

No more Al Baik smell on Riyadh bound flights

"Thank God passengers on Riyadh bound flights will no longer have to smell Al Baik's spicy chicken on the plane."  

Mabrook Riyadh!