The Arab world is home to an extensive list of innovators and tech experts; there's no denying that. But, on a lighter note, Arabs tend to be rather quirky when it comes to technology. 

We often resort to some odd methods when dealing with technology, particularly when trying to fix electronic devices. 

Here are some hilarious tech hacks you will probably relate to if you're Arab:

1. "Off then on" always does the trick

From air conditioners to WiFi routers, Arabs have perfected the art of fixing any device by turning it off and then back on. 

While this might be a common practice across the world, we have made it our own by waiting around 10 seconds before switching it on again.

This practice is followed by a triumphant look on an Arab's face when the device starts working again after applying this oh-so-complicated technique.

2. Tough love

A rather aggressive method adopted by Arabs comprises of hitting a dysfunctional device in an attempt to fix it. The victim is usually a remote control or a television receiver. 

With artificial intelligence, e-commerce and financial technology taking over, we can't help but wonder how us Arabs will adapt to such technologies while still hitting the remote to make it work.

3. Batteries are not dead unless you remove them and place them back in ... again and again

When a device that runs on batteries stops functioning, it probably means the latter has died and need to be replaced by a new one, right? Wrong!

It means you should remove the batteries and if you're feeling extra desperate, blow onto them, and then put them back in. 

For some reason, this actually works sometimes (temporarily of course) and saves you the hassle of searching for new batteries. 

4. It's all about fixing things at zero cost

"I don't know" is not part of the Arab dictionary, particularly when it comes to Arab men, who would go to great lengths to avoid admitting they have failed at fixing something. 

Generally, resorting to a professional is rarely the first option in Arab families, who instead appoint a family member (usually the father or the youngest sibling) as the designated IT person.

5. Behold, Muslim Arab mamas' makeshift AirPods

Creativity at its finest!

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