We often, sometimes more than what we wish for, come across Western or American songs that are sampled in Arabic songs, music videos, ads, and posters

But we seldom have it the other way around. 

Brace yourselves, for this doesn't happen frequently, as we've gathered eight American songs that have vibrant Arabic twists, taking inspiration from the Arab world.

1. Don't Know What to Tell Ya - by Aaliyah (2001)

The 2001 hit by late hip-hop sensation, Aaliyah - who herself had an Arabic name - samples an Arabic favorite by Warda. 

The familiar tune, starting at 0:24 and throughout the song, is from Batwanness Beek

Aaliyah was not the only one to sample the 1986 song, other musicians like SebastiAn and Mélissa also did. 

2. 1Train - by A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, and Yelawolf feat. Danny Brown, Action Bronson, and Big K.R.I.T. (2013)

Did you guess that an Asala classic is sampled in this track? We cannot blame you. It's a tough one to detect. 

But Meshit Senin (2003) is apparent throughout the song. 

It was also sampled in Transmití by Armamentales feat. DJ Pharuk (2011).

3. Big Pimpin' - by Jay-Z feat. UGK (1999)

You probably know this one already, it's Abdelhalim Hafiz's Khusara Khusara

This feature sparked Baleegh Hamdi's nephew, Omar Fahmy, to file a copyright infringement lawsuit. It was later on dismissed due to Fahmy's weak standing for copyright. 

According to The Guardian, ''Jay Z and Timbaland testified that they paid $100,000 to EMI Music Arabia for the license in 2001.''

4. More Than a Woman - by Aaliyah (2001)

Here she goes again! Aaliyah couldn't get enough of Middle Eastern melodies. 

In this one, she samples Mayada el-Hennawy's famous Alouli Ansa, which was released in 1993. 

There is definitely more than one woman making this song great. 

5. Make Me Better - by Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo (2007)

Ne-Yo and Sherine in one song? Two worlds of different magnitude collided. 

Al Saaban Alih (2005) is the backbone of this hip-hop song. Sherine's romantic tunes are also highlighted in Living My Life by Noreaga (2011).

6. Raise Up - by Petey Pablo (2001)

If it's not clear, if you're still confused, don't be.

It is minute 5:26 from Inta Omri by Um Kulthum

7. Hood Scriptures - by Foxy Brown (2001)

Hood Scriptures has some bold Arabic footprints. Its intro is almost identical to a teenage favorite of ours. 

Ragheb Alama's Ya Bouy is sampled throughout the entire 2001 rap song. 

#TeamRagheb all the way though.

8. Dare I Care - by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz (2015)

Lead singer of Indie-alternative band, The Strokes, dares to care about Oriental and all kind of eccentric music. 

Ahlam's song Ma Yiseh Ella El Sahih is heard in the first part of JC + Voidz' song. 

Its English lyrics have a similar sound to Ahlam's Arabic ones. The music, starting at 0:36, is also an upbeat, noise-rock version of the Arabic song.