With endless summer days, affordable beach locations are a must. Batroun has made its way to become one of the premium summer destinations this year. 

For all of you who are interested in a road trip with beautiful sunsets before you head back to crowded Beirut, a drive to Batroun may be your primary choice. 

This coastal city has free and affordable beaches; most importantly, they are some of Lebanon’s cleanest water.

Here’s a list of four cheap and free beaches in Batroun: 

1. White Beach

Located on the untouched shores of Batroun in North Lebanon, White Beach serves your every need for a warm and uplifting escape. 

Pampered with the best traditional Lebanese cuisine while sprawling under the Mediterranean layers of sunshine, this place is your summer haven. 

This popular natural beach serves fine affordable food, while having a large selection of beach chairs to please all backs. 

For the entrance fee, it's for 7,000LL ($4.6) on weekdays, and 10,000LL ($6.6) on weekends.

2. Ô-Glacée

Ô Glacée is a witty play on word. It drives from the full words 'Eau Glacée' in French, which translates to 'Icy Water.' 

If you’re a beach person and looking for unlimited water activities like boat rental, sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing, Ô Glacée offers you all with free entrance all week long. 

The bar and kitchen are managed by the Lebanese Yacht Club. It’s an attractive open-air beach lounge, with inexpensive Lebanese food minimally charging $10. 

Ô-Glacée is a different concept. Don’t you sea?

3. Eleven Bay

What's better than dancing floors, blue water, VIP beds, and music streaming? 

Eleven Bay offers you access to a sandy beach where you can daydream in the sizzling summer temperatures. 

Find yourself a nice spot to lay down as you enjoy a cold drink after appreciating its free entrance.

4. Kfarabida Beach

This place welcomes you North like it's your home. It is an idyllic venue for spotless blue water.

People label this beach as a 'world of silence' with its supernatural sea view and incredible water. 

Kfarabida Public Beach is available for all beach batters who are seeking for a free entrance screening the sunset mildly.