In 2016, Tommy Hilfiger announced Gigi Hadid as the company's global brand ambassador ... and then a Gigi inspired Barbie - in collaboration with Mattel - made its way to the market in celebration of that decision. 

"The TommyXGigi Barbie® doll celebrates the unforgettable runway moment that launched international supermodel Gigi Hadid as global brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger womenswear," the description accompanying the doll says.

The 22-year-old model recently reminded her fans that the doll can be found online where regular Barbie dolls are sold, including Mattel's official site, Amazon, and the like. She also unintentionally reminded her fans just how broke they really are.

Is a $50 doll worth it?

Maybe $50 is acceptable because of the expanding wardrobe collection?

Some people think so

More than one person actually

But, a bunch of others are much more needy than that...

Needs ... that know no age limit

But, discussions on the doll's price tag came about ... and people weren't too happy

"$50 for a doll that looks exactly like every other blonde barbie"

Person A: How broke are you?

Person B: "I have $3"

"I'm so poor baby"

Two words: "I'm poor"

First world problems: When you apologize to a celebrity for not being able to purchase their doll because you can't afford it

"I have 5 euros"

And then there were those ...