Being an adult sucks for many reasons, but having to cook your own food from scratch shouldn't be one of them. 

Of course, preparing yourself a plate of pasta or making homemade burgers is a piece of cake (pun intended), but things get especially tricky when you start craving traditional Arabic plates like kousa and warak enab.

Well, worry no more, a few Arab culinary experts, cooks and chefs decided to share our delicious Arabic food with the rest of the world, so without further ado, here are 6 YouTube channels showcasing the best of regional cuisine and hundreds of original recipes:

1. Chef Ahmad Tawil

Chef Ahmad brings us his recipes from his kitchen in Lebanon, where he cooks both international and traditional Arabic food. 

His most popular videos will teach you the best way to cook eggplant, and how to prepare rose loukoum at home. His channel has over 400,000 subscribers.

2. Healthy with Maha

Maha adds her personal twist to the recipes, showing us different ways to make each and every dish as healthy as possible. She also has tons of skincare and wellness videos that will teach you how to make homemade face masks.

Maha cooks from Lebanon and has 63,000 subscribers on YouTube.

3. Lina's Kitchen

Lina's Kitchen tackles those intimidating age-old Arabic recipes like rezz blahem, bemieh, and mloukhiyeh, and presents them in a simple step-by-step guide.

Lina talks you through her recipes from her kitchen in Canada, making this channel the perfect place for those who don't speak Arabic but would love to try some homemade Arab goodness.

4. Cooking with Alia

Alia is from Morocco and describes herself as someone who likes to cook, eat, and travel, but also loves to share her passion with people. 

Her channel includes recipes from all over the world, including original Moroccan recipes like couscous, fish bastilla, and msemmen

5. Asma Cooks

Asma doesn't hold back when it comes to delicious food and mouthwatering flavors, showing us how to make homemade chicken shawarma and different ways to make breakfast with toast. 

She cooks from her home in Saudi Arabia with a strong audience of  250,000 subscribers.

6. Saudi Food Eman

Everyone who is not Saudi is fascinated by all the different ways mansaf is made and the hundreds of traditional Saudi recipes. On this channel, Emman Ghazzaz shows us how to impress your guests with homemade green kabsa and wrapped chicken dough.

With a welcoming smile and talk-through tutorials, Emman takes us into her kitchen, giving us tips and tricks for perfecting the recipes.