MBC's The Voice contestant Christine Saeed managed to do more than just win over the judges this week with her flawless rendition of Alicia Keys' hit song "Fallin'," she also won over YouTube.

The video of Saeed's audition went viral after it was posted on Saturday, with more than 800,000 views in five days. The Lebanese-American singer started her performance by playing the piano and then went on to own the stage with a beautiful display of her vocal ability.

Her stunning vocals and stage charisma wowed the four judges when she took to The Voice's stage, getting them all to turn their chairs within seconds of her performance.

As soon as the talented 21-year-old was done, she immediately received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges started fighting over which team she should join. Lebanese singer and judge Assi El-Helani, who joined in the standing ovation, even got up and tried to shield her view from the other three judges with his arms.

"Don't look at any of them, just look at me," Assi El-Helani said.

"Do you know that it is my life's dream is to sing like you do? You are not any less than any international star in your performance," Egyptian singer and judge Sherine Abd El-Wahab said, while El-Helani said "you are perfect in every aspect, your voice, your performance and your stage presence."

However, it was Iraqi singer and judge Kadim Al-Sahir, who is known for occasionally sweet-talking contestants into joining his team, who ended up being Saeed's mentor, to the dismay of the other three judges.

MBC's hit TV show "The Voice: Ahla Sawt" started its third season on Sept. 26, following two successful seasons, and has aired two episodes from the "blind auditions" stage so far. Don't worry judges, there are still plenty of other talented contestants for you!