If you live in the Gulf, one of two things is a must: taking a road trip or going on random desert camps ... because let's face it, these two options are the only way you'll ever explore the wild.

To plan the perfect trip, you've got to follow a few rules to ensure you make the most out of the experience. 

Here's a breakdown: 

1. A spacious car is a must

Because no Gulf trip is a success if you go without your friends. 

2. So is packing a few days worth of stuff

Trust us on this one, everyone often extends a road trip in the Gulf's wilderness. 

3. Your trunk has to fit a tent

Nothing says nature and calmness like a tent amid nowhere. 

4. Gulf road trip rule: Drive all the way to a desert camp

Where you'll have the time of your life. 

5. A khaleeji road trip playlist is a necessity

It's all about enjoying the ride. 

6. So is a high-tech ride

To guide you through the trip.

7. What's a GCC road trip without a campfire stop?


8. Of course, no Gulf road trip is complete without snacks

Preparation at its best. 

The MINI Hatch 3-Doors/5-Doors

The MINI Hatch is a trailblazer made to stand out from the crowd.  

Energetic and inventive whilst charmingly personable, this car challenges its drivers to forge a path, see the world cleaner, and color outside the lines ... so what's not to love?