If you thought Arabs get creative to stay cool in summer, you haven't seen what we do in winter. 

To brave the cold, some of us come up with the most elaborate ideas and inventions. 

Take a look: 

1. No hot water, no problem

"Winter creations... necessity is the mother of invention."

2. Because Arabs have a solution for everything

"The latest winter inventions."

3. Creativity level: Arab

"The latest in shatafa technologies... to adjust water temperatures in winter."

4. Car parts = recycled cookware

Creativity at its best. 

5. As elaborate as it gets

Found the solution to a freezing nose. 

6. We don't take winter lightly

Arabs don't come to play. 

7. Shoe umbrellas? Check

See? We told you. 

8. Heated center tables ... double check

Arab creativity for the win. 

9. Not to forget Arab moms and their winter creations

"Winter has arrived and my mom's weird inventions come with it. Ginger and mint."

10. And inventions that don't quite work

They get a point for being creative though.