Our beloved shawarma isn't only adored by Arabs - who've went a long way to show their adoration to the magical wrap - but by everyone who's ever tried it in the region. This includes Filipinos previously based in the Arab world and who are now celebrating the opening of a legit shawarma joint in their country.

The original Levantine meat or chicken wrap has gone global ages ago, reaching the Philippines, too.

Over the weekend, Filipino tweep Melika Eizadfar went to a shawarma parlor in Davao city called Dani's Palace and gave it a thumbs up on Twitter.

Her shawarma experience didn't go unnoticed.

Shawarma has landed in Davao, and so will people soon

Guess what ... there's toum, too

There's a entire shawarma menu ... it's legit

It's shawarma time!

Because what's better than this wrap?

Especially when it's all dipped in garlic paste

"My new hang out place" ... we'd join, but we have plenty here

Shawarma is worth the wait