Since it's Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you...), here's a reminder that our favorite distant galaxy is actually right here in the Middle East, sort of.

We were all excited that "Stars Wars: The Force Awakens" was filmed in Abu Dhabi, but this wasn't the franchise's first visit to the MENA region. Episode I, II and IV featured many scenes that were shot in Tunisia . In both the new film and the previous three, the locations are stand-ins for Luke and Anakin Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine. The force is strong in the Middle East.

So, you don't have to hit light speed to visit the distant planet from our favorite science fiction classic. Just travel to the deserts of Abu Dhabi or the small Tunisian town of Matmata, but take note, even though there is a nearby town called Tatouine, Matmata is where you want. Check out these shots from some of the locations where Episode I, II, and IV were shot, as well as some scenes from the recent Star Wars flick.

Tatooine's second sun might be missing but the terrain looks strikingly familiar, doesn't it?

Remember Luke's home? Yeah, it is still there in Tunisia.

Does this remind you of the interior of the Skywalker homestead? Well, that's because it is, sort of. Also known as the local Hotel Sidi Driss.

This location was used as slave quarters in Episode I.

In the latest episode of the Star Wars franchise, Abu Dhabi served as the landscape of the fictional planet of Jakku.

But despite rumors to the contrary, the Abu Dhabi set was dismantled after production was complete.

So, don't go wondering into the desert trying to find Chewbacca.


Just be satisfied re-watching the scenes and may the force be with you!