As the winter season approaches, Arab households are blessing the world with horrendous blankets ... which we all know are key to staying warm during the cold.

But, why can't the covers be a little smoother on the eyes? Why? 

"Eye torture" disguised as blankets

1. This yoga-mat-rolled blanket ... is the opposite of soothing

2. That little sprinkle of blue just doesn't make sense

3. Pastel colored flowers are not meant to be on blankets

4. The definition of ugly in a photo

5. Multi-colored blankets should be banned

6. The rose! My eyes! My eyes!

7. Friends with the monster ... that's on your blanket?

8. That seems to be the case

9. They come in a variety of colors, too

10. This is the reason why you have nightmares every night

11. A peacock wrapped in a blanket?

12. No electricity? No problem with this incredibly bright blanket ...

13. The colors of death?