Yes, life is amazingly great and you love your friends and family ... but sometimes, you just want to avoid a specific gathering or group of people and just nap instead. 

In order to do so, you need to have at least a couple of "excuses" or vague answers that'll help you ditch these plans.

Earlier this week, people in the Arab region shared the best flake out phrases they've come across via a viral hashtag titled "the best flake out phrase you've ever heard."

Here are a few that'll make you laugh and are worthy or memorizing: 

It all began with this hashtag

"The best flake out phrase you've ever heard." 

1. The one we've all used: "5 Minutes"

2. The one that is really NO in disguise: "I'll see how things go and get back to you"

3. The commonly used one: "After Eid inshallah"

4. The one that means your family is leaving you behind: "Go put your shoes on and come"

5. The one used to snub you out of gatherings

"Saudi saying: I don't know, we might go but it isn't for sure.

Translation: We're going but we don't want you to come." 

6. The one we've all used on trips to the mall

"I'll check out the other store and come back. The best flake out." 

7. The one that gives false hope: "I'll be right back"

Yep, good luck seeing whoever said that again.

8. The one that's straight forward

"My mother has crossed a line: 'Get out of this group, I need to sweep it." 

9. The one used when you don't want to get someone a gift

"We were going to buy you something but thought you wouldn't like it." 

10. The one employers use: "Leave your CV and we'll call you back"

Yeah, right.

11. The one employees use: "System down"

12. The one we use to get out of a relationship

"You're lovable but the problem is in me." 

13. The most famous and iconic of them all: "Inshallah"