On Monday, a specialist team from Abu Dhabi Police succeeded in persuading a man to abandon an attempt to commit suicide by jumping from the top of Sheikh Zayed Bridge, StepFeed was told by members of the police force.

All roads leading to the bridge were closed on Monday morning after the 22-year-old Emirati man managed to climb to the top of the structure.

In a statement on the matter, the police said preliminary investigations show the person was in an "abnormal condition".

He has been referred to the nearest police station where further action will be taken.

Earlier in the day, motorists had mentioned long tailbacks on roads around the bridge on social media.

Officials had issued advisories urging drivers to take alternative routes.

Here is what tweeps are saying:

"May he recover..."

"May he recover in God's name. Bless the protectors of this nation."

"Where is his faith..."

"How is it possible that a Muslim Emirati national wants to commit suicide? Where is his faith in fate and God?"

"He needs treatment...""

"Someone who suffers from a mental illness does not think of results or consequences. Nationality and religion have nothing to do with this... He needs treatment..."

What does the UAE law say about suicide?

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Source: guide2dubai

The Penal Law in the UAE prohibits people from committing suicide, attempting suicide, or even motivating someone to commit suicide.

Under UAE law, this is a punishable crime. 

Article No 335 states that "a person who attempts suicide is subject to imprisonment that does not exceed six months or a fine that does not exceed 5,000 dirhams or both".