Depending on which Arabic-speaking country you may resides in, economic stability isn't always a central perk of living in the Middle East

How does your country rank economically?

There are many factors that must be considered when addressing this query and the answer isn't always simple. 

However, you can get an idea by looking at both minimum wages for public sector jobs and, when available, private sector jobs. The latter, combined with a country's GDP can be used to get a rough figure of a nation's economic health. 

Below is a list of Arab countries ranked from lowest to highest based on their set minimum wage.

Note: If you don't find your country on the first list, keep scrolling down, it will be on the second list for GDP per capita.

10. Tunisia

Minimum wage: $120-$140 USD per month

9. Syria

Minimum wage: $176–$266 USD per month

8. Morocco

Minimum wage: $225 USD per month 

7. Jordan

Minimum wage: $310 USD per month 

6. Libya

Minimum wage: $148-$325 USD per month

5. Lebanon

Minimum wage:  $450 USD per month

According to World Bank data, 70% of the country's population generates an annual income of less than $10,000 USD.

4. Oman

Minimum wage: $592 USD per month, in addition to allowances of $263 USD per month for citizens only. The extra allowance does not apply to foreign workers.

3. Saudi Arabia

Minimum wage: $632 USD per month 

2. Bahrain

Minimum wage: $795 USD for citizens in the public sector

1. Kuwait

Minimum wage: $1,028 USD per month

However, the average monthly salary for a Kuwaiti employee is $3,650. The latter figure is lower for foreign workers.

Countries such as the UAE do not have a legal minimum wage. 

We also reviewed a country's economic status based on GDP per capita, a strong indicator of a country's economic health and projection.

This is based on the amount of money a country makes, divided by the number of people within its population.

Below is a list of each country's GDP per capita, from highest to lowest:

  1. Qatar  - $59,330 USD
  2. UAE - $37,622 USD
  3. Kuwait - $28,975 USD
  4. Bahrain - $22,354 USD
  5. Saudi Arabia - $20,028 USD
  6. Oman - $14,982 USD
  7. Lebanon - $7,914 USD
  8. Libya - $5,602 USD
  9. Jordan - $4,087 USD
  10. Algeria - $3,843 USD
  11. Tunisia - $3,688 USD
  12. Egypt - $3,514 USD
  13. Morroco - $2,832 USD