Arab Dads love their daughters. The kind of love that's over-bearing, over-protective, and over-the-top... 

That's why when you disappoint them, they don't just come out and say it. You've hurt them deeply, and they need some time to think it over. 

See, with mothers it's easy. Anger them and bam there's a shahata in your face. 

However, scars run deep between fathers and daughters, and this can yield the most bizarre of punishments. 

1. The not-so-silent silent treatment

Most Arab dads will go with the "silent treatment" - except they're not really silent. 

While their vocal chords may be taking a rest, their fingers wont. Expect them to text you, write post-its and stick them on your door, even send carrier pigeons if the opportunity presents itself. Anything that'll get your attention.

2. Taking away car privileges.

When you start driving, dads will be super over-protective, because they're worried about your safety. This leads to fathers taking away your driving privileges at every chance they get.

Said something disrespectful? No car. Fighting with your siblings? No. Car. Didn't call your sibling on their birthday? No car!! Took the car without asking? Definitely no car!

Note: The last one applies even if it's your car. 

3. The "Look"

This usually goes hand-in-hand with the silent treatment, but only when you've done something purposefully offensive -something that can never be taken back.

I think when a man becomes a dad, he discovers that born within him is the "you're dead to me" look.  It's a secret weapon of the sort. Like your mother's *death stare* it makes you wanna crawl into a hole and die. 

When your dad is angry, his "look" is given when you speak, when you breathe, when you enter his general vicinity... The only advice I can give you is to retreat slowly... 

4. Embarrassing you on purpose

If you've pissed off your dad lately, do not invite your friends over or have them anywhere near him. Ever the opportunist, he will never say no to sharing every embarrassing story he has on reserve, and trust me, he has a lot of stories to tell.

For example:

*My friends and I in the car, my dad driving them back home.*

Dad: "You know... when Nour was younger-"
Me: "DAD, DON'T."
Dad: "She used to-"
Me: "Please, I'm begging you."
Dad: "Not too long ago she used to remove all her clothes and just run around naked, yelling like Tarzan. Such a creative young girl."
Me: *face-palms into oblivion*

5. Push you away from danger

As a girl, you have the advantage of knowing that your dad will never lay a hand on you. And while knowledge is power, it's destructive at this point because you may tend to cross the line frequently as a result of this "leniency". 

Once, and only once, my dad "pushed" me away, because I was being really annoying. 

So, he won't hit you, but you better pray he pushes you far enough because if you're still within arms reach, hell hath no fury like a Arab dad scorned. 

6. Holding grudges

If you've ever wondered why you hold grudges for such long periods of time and can't let things go, you probably inherited it from your dad.

Your father will hold grudges for years on end, and the more you resist, the longer he holds them.

Me: "Baba can I go out?"
Dad: "la2"
Me: "Why?"
Dad: "Remember when you said mama makes the rules?"

7. Telling all your siblings how much he loves them

Fathers never miss the opportunity to confess which child is his favorite at the time, depending on who has angered him the least.

My dad doesn't live in the same country as me, so if I were to piss him off, he will call both my brothers to tell them how much he loves and appreciates them. He will even go the extra mile and talk even louder than you thought possible just so you can hear him profess his love.

Dad (to brother): "AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH-"
Brother: "Baba, she's not here."
Dad: *silent for a moment* "Eh, fa kol khara bye" *hangs up*