Living in Kuwait for most of my childhood meant that I was exposed to one of the most beautifully diverse languages in the world, reaction words included. 

From "Ambeh" to "Shino," in Kuwaiti, there literally is a word for every reaction. So, no matter what life throws at you, you'll always be ready to hit back.

Don't believe me?

Take a look.

1. When you want to put something off: "Enzain"

You say this when someone asks you to do something and you really don't feel like it.

This is an alternate to the oh-so popular "Inshallah." 

And it works every single time.

2. When something is super expensive: "OUULLAA"

Ever been shopping and then suddenly you spot a ridiculously expensive price tag?

This word is all you need.

3. When something disgusts you: "Wei3"

What's the thing you find most disgusting?

Now imagine that it's right in front of you.

And go: "wei333."

4. When you want to ‘kindly’ brush someone off: "Shtabi?"

Literally translates into a stern "what do you want now?"

5. When you don't want to lend someone money: "Sh7aga?"

This literally translates into "what for?"

But this one isn't an ordinary version of it, because what it usually really means is a strong "NO." 

Try asking your parents or friends for money, and if "Sh7aga" is their response ... you're not getting any. 

6. When you want to react with shock: "Shinooo?"

Someone said something unacceptable, weird or shocking?

Ok, all you need to say in response is: "Shino," but for it to work, stress on that "O" at the end and elongate it.


There you go.

7. When you want to shut down nosy people: "Enta Shako?"

This is often a serious "what's it to you?" reaction phrase. 

When you want people to mind their own business, use it.

8. And finally the one that sums them all up: "Ambeh"

Whether you're sad, angry or ecstatic, this is your word.

Whether you're being serious or sarcastic, "Ambeh" will never disappoint.