Ramadan: a time of fasting, spending time with family, prayer, reflection and a million "Ramadan Kareem" pictures.

You know the ones ... a nice background, some stars, maybe a mosque or a crescent sent to you by your mom, neighborhood bank or even favorite airline. Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or plain old email, they are impossible to escape, with their wishes of Allah's blessings and their hours for the holy month.

Here are our 15 favorite ones.  Graphic designers out there, please work on some new ones for next year.

The classic blue on blue.

ramadan kareem9

On blue on blue.

ramadan kareem 15

On blue.

ramadan kareem 22

Some companies have moved on from the blue background.

ramadan kareem3

They are like, so over the blue background.

No one is over the lanterns yet.

ramadan kareem13

It is just a time for lots and lots of lanterns.

ramadan kareem10

And clouds with crescents.

And dates. Who doesn't love a good date?

ramadan kareem 23

Or minarets. This graphic designer was wondering, "how many minarets can I fit in one skyline image?"

If you can't put a ton of minarets in the picture, add a good corporate logo at the bottom.

Because what is Ramadan without logos?

ramadan kareem5

Thanks Mont Blanc for the month of blessings and happiness!

ramadan kareem

Fractal Systems really wants you to have a good Ramadan.

ramadan kareem12

Have a blessed Ramadan but please don't disturb us outside our working hours.

ramadan kareem1