Late on Sunday, Jordanian authorities arrested a teenage boy for murdering a 4-year-old girl in Zarqa, The Jordan Times reported.

Now identified as Nibal Abu Dieh, the victim was found buried under rubble in a deserted building on Saturday. This came days after her family reported her missing. 

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Amer Sartawi said the 17-year-old perpetrator, who's the little girl's neighbor, confessed to kidnapping the girl, attempting to sexually assault her, and eventually killing her.

"We arrested a suspect who reportedly confessed to murdering the child after attempting to sexually assault her," Sartawi said. 

Speaking to The Jordan Times, a medical source explained that the post-mortem exam conducted on the victim indicates she died as a result of "multiple blows to the head that caused a fractured skull." 

"Forensic experts estimated that the child had been dead for the past three days," the source added.

During his interrogation, the suspect told police officers he kidnapped the little girl after she and her mom came to visit his mother in their home. After the two left, the defendant followed the child and lured her to a nearby deserted building where he attempted to rape her. 

When the little girl started screaming, her attacker struck her on the head several times, fatally wounding her. He then covered her body with rubble and left the area. 

The crime sparked fury and led to protests in Jordan

After news of the perpetrator's arrest, a group of people angered by the incident reportedly set the building - where the victim was found - on fire. They also threw rocks at police officers who tried to disperse their protest. 

The little girl's death left Jordanians shocked and outraged, with many calling on authorities to execute her attacker. 

On Monday, thousands attended Nibal's funeral, mourning her death along with her family. 

People are heartbroken over Nibal's tragic death

"Not everyone who calls themselves a human being is one. Humanity has nothing to do with some. These are monsters in the form of humans." 

"Small caskets are the heaviest to carry"

"Execution must be implemented in these circumstances"

Many think the perpetrator should be tried as an adult

"The decisions regarding the age of juveniles and their trials must change. The person who's 17-years-old with intentions to rape a child, but ends up murdering her, shouldn't be considered a child at all." 

"May God have mercy on her soul"

The attacker is set to be tried as a minor

Speaking to The Jordan Times, local judicial sources said the perpetrator will be tried as a minor. 

"The minor will be tried at a juvenile court and will not be treated as an adult as stipulated in the juvenile law," a senior judicial source at the Criminal Court general prosecutor's office said.

The source added that "the punishment for the suspect's offence ranges from six to 12 years in detention at a juvenile correctional and rehabilitation facility."