Ramadan is all about generosity, and Syrian refugees and immigrants in Canada are putting that into action. 

Last Sunday, a group of Syrians paid it forwards by hosting a free lunch for some 500 homeless and low-income Canadians in Toronto, no questions asked.

The event was organized by Mes Amis Canada, an organization that helps refugees settle in the country, and it saw the help of over one hundred volunteers, many of whom are Muslim Arabs.

"We were new to the country and we didn't know anything. People helped us with everything and they made us feel welcomed," Syrian volunteer Kholod Almawazini, who arrived in Canada 18 months ago, told The New Arab

"We love this country and we are grateful to the people of Canada. It's our turn to show them kindness." 

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that the lunch, held under the "Ahlan Ramadan" (Welcome Ramadan) banner, was hosted during the day while many volunteers were fasting for Ramadan. 

According to The New Arab, several volunteers are Syrian newcomers who moved to Canada late 2015 after the government pushed to resettle thousands of refugees from Syria.

After serving those who attended, the volunteers handed out meals to the needy on the streets, as well as in local parks and shelters. 

During the event, non-Canadians shared their stories about moving to the country and people were encouraged to ask questions about Islam and Ramadan.

"We wanted to go out to the community and have people understand ... about the generosity that is extended during Ramadan," said Julie Mahfouz Rezvani, executive director at Mes Amis Canada, according to CBC. "Those refugees that were welcomed in Canada last year are participating in this event to now give back to Torontonians."

Among those cooking in event was Syrian Chef Rabie Abo Alzahab, who has been living in Canada for the past 13 years. Chef Alzahab decided to give Canadians a taste of Syrian and Mediterranean cuisine by cooking chicken "marinated with Damascus flavor", with a side of fattoush salad.

This isn't the first time Mes Amis Canada gives back to the community during the Islamic holy month. Last Ramadan, the organization distributed 1,000 food baskets to the needy. 

Canada has resettled more than 40,000 Syrian refugees since November 2015, mainly through government sponsorship programs. 

In response to U.S. President Donald Trump's now-frozen "Muslim ban", Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a message to welcome refugees, tweeting, "To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada."