Source: Sayidaty

Young Saudi student Moaz Al Aufi passed away during a final exam at the Qais bin Saad Al Ansari high school in Medina, Okaz newspaper reported

According to the local publication, the young student was in an exam when he suddenly became ill and fainted. 

He was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital but was unfortunately pronounced dead before he made it there. 

In his statement on the matter, official spokesman for Public Education in Medina, Omar Bernawi, said Al Awfi died of natural causes. He also extended his condolences to the student's family. 

The story has gone viral on Saudi Twitter

The tragic news started making the rounds online just hours after it was first reported earlier this week. 

It sparked a debate on the dangers of intense stress that students are often subjected to during final exam periods.

While many said stress could have played a part in Al Awfi's death, others felt authorities need to investigate the case further. 

People just couldn't believe it

"This news broke my heart"

Many are speculating the cause of death

"My God, he must have been so stressed over the exam. May he rest in peace and may God grant his mother patience." 

Some attributed the student's death to exam stress

"Over exerting oneself, over thinking and stressing over final exams can, in some cases, lead to sudden heart problems and attacks." 

And raised this important point...

"The whole environment students are placed in during exams is terrifying to many. We must reconsider how the educational system and how final exams are performed. Technological devices advanced, cars advanced and the halls where students study and work are the same as they were 60 years ago." 

Others called on authorities to launch an investigation into the death

"Authorities must launch an investigation into this case. Did the student have any pre-existing medical conditions? Or was it because of the environment he was in during the exam? Something must be done in order for us to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future." 

"May he rest in peace"