The hair, the pop, the bops... three elements that make Ava Max standout among millions of artists.

The 26-year-old is a pop force to be reckoned with since her 2018 massive hit Sweet but Psycho, which garnered over 2 billion streams so far and a triple-platinum title. Then came So Am I a year later, amassing 349 million streams on Spotify alone, with 158 million views on YouTube and a special place as an empowering anthem in people's hearts.

Come 2020, Ava's talents finally materialized in her first debut album, Heaven & Hell.

"Heaven & Hell represents light and dark, good and evil, and the devil and angel on your shoulder," said Ava on the meaning behind the album. "I'm discussing the dualities of the challenges we face each day. Some songs have darkness; other songs are more positive. Heaven & Hell is the middle ground," she continued. 

In the music videos that accompany her first album, Ava Max went all out with her unique hairstyle and fashion sense. 

Her part long, part shoulder-length hairdo has become Ava's signature. If you were wondering about the creative process that led her to this hairstyle, you may put your mind to rest as it was a mistake. 

While cutting her hair at home one day with one side already done, she smelled cookies burning in the oven. After she had checked on the sweet goods, she caught her reflection in the mirror and decided to adopt this funky style: one long side while the other is short. 

The singer seems to like a certain quirky balance in her life, from hair to song lyrics, which can be clearly seen and heard in Heaven & Hell.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Albanian parents with a passion for music, Ava - real name Amanda Koci - always wanted to sing. 

In Naked, a song from the "Heaven" side of the album, the artist portrays her reflective personality alongside her pop one. 

"It's about the real emotions we go through," said Ava on the meaning behind the track. "If you don't know my mind, soul, and heart, you'll never know me by seeing me naked. We are more than our physical bodies. That's what I wanted to show." 

While in Sweet but Psycho, the final song on the album and on the "Hell" side of it, the innocent and soft pop turns into a rave. 

Ava Max's debut album is definitely growing in popularity on UK and U.S. charts, with noteworthy publications rating it a 4/5 stars

For a fact, people are loving it and are grateful for this playlist change amid a year of hard news.