Spanish footballer and attacking midfielder for Real Madrid Marco Asensio has been the topic of discussion this week after sparking controversy in a recent tweet.

Asensio shared a photo of himself overlooking the Western Wall - a sacred site in Judaism which was captured by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War - and Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

But, that wasn't what caused the stir...

It was the fact that Asensio included an Israeli flag in the tweet alongside the caption "cultural visit".

Many people on Twitter were outraged with Asensio's emoji choice.

The tweet amassed nearly 5,000 re-tweets and over 21,000 likes.

It started with the sarcastic "habibi"

"It's Palestine Marco ... Palestine"

Some rightly advised Marco to read some history...

Others kept it simple ... and just shared the Palestinian flag

Photoshop skills were put to use

Many wanted to fix his emoji choice ... but instead made it worse by choosing the wrong flag

Corrections soon followed ...

And then some more mistakes...

Corrections again...

Simply put: "Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't do me like this"

Hearts were broken everywhere

Just FYI: