Fox's long-running animated show, The Simpsons, will soon break the record for most episodes of a scripted television show in U.S. history. 

While the American sitcom is known for using humor in order to tackle political and social matters inside and outside of the United States, the Middle East has had its fair share of trolling.  

Here are the most notable times the series targeted the Middle East in general, and Arabs in specific. 

1. On extravagant Arab spending

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series, Homer, teenage arab, Moe
Season 11 - Episode 22 "Behind the laughter" Source: simpsonsworld

When Moe the bartender was talking about the time his buddy Homer was spending too much money:

"Oh, Homer was spending money like a teenage Arab. *Chuckles* He bought me a Rolex and cashmere jeans."

2. On Lebanese women

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 16 - Episode 13 "Mobile Homer" Source: simpsonsworld

After the Simpsons end up on a Turkish import ship at a dock in Springfield:

One of the ship's crew members said to Marge: 

"You are a wise woman. It is a shame you dress like a Lebanese prostitute."

3. On the brutality of the Iran-Iraq war

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 22 - Episode 11 "Flaming Moe" Source: simpsonsworld

Smithers: "Sir, the shifts are fighting like Iran and Iraq!"

Burns: "Who?" 

Smithers: "Persia and Mesopotamia."

4. On U.S. interest in Arab oil

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 8 - Episode 7 "Lisa's date with Density" Source: simpsonsworld

One poster in Nelson's room has the caption "Bomb the Arabs and take their oil" which is pretty much what the war in Iraq in 2003 was accused of being about.

5. On Gaddafi's anti-American policy

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 9 - Episode 14 "Das Bus" Source: simpsonsworld

When Bart was representing Libya in the school's model UN program, he expectedly went a little overboard... 

Principle: "Okay Libya. Exports."

Bart: "Yes, sir, you American pig."

Principle: "*Laughs* Nice touch."

6. On how good Middle Eastern food is

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 4 - Episode 8 "New kid on the block" Source: simpsonsworld

Even though the show wrongly referred to these Lebanese foods as Afghan, it's still Middle Eastern. 

Laura: "Take your kafta bi sanya and dip it in the labna."

Bart: "Now that is good labna." 

7. On American perception of the Middle East

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 8 - Episode 11 "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" Source: simpsonsworld

Helen Lovejoy tasting Middle Eastern food: 

"Hmm. Pita. *Chuckles* Well, I don't know about food from the Middle East. Isn't that whole area a little iffy? *Laughs*" 

8. On the U.S. funding of Israel

The Simpsons, trolling Arabs, series
Season 21 - Episode 16 "The greatest story ever Dhoed" Source: simpsonsworld

When the Simpsons arrived in Israel, ironically this was the welcome sign.